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3D Voxel Office Pack

3D Objects made with MagicaVoxel by ephtracy


Chair Pack
10 Office Chairs
6 Couches

Table Pack
16 Office Tables
3 Coffee Tables
12 Table Pieces (DIY: make your own table)

Cubicle Pack
5 White Cubicles (2x2)
5 Light Brown Cubicles (2x2)
5 Regular Brown Cubicles (2x2)
5 Dark Brown Cubicles (2x2)
28 Cubicle Pieces (DIY: make your own office cubicle)

Miscellaneous Pack
2 Filing Cabinets
2 Doors
6 Table Decorations (Paper, Pads, Picture Frames)
3 Plants
2 Clocks
5 Wall Decorations
3 Door Pieces (DIY: for when making interactable doors)

Misc - Coffee Pack
4 Coffee Machines
2 Coffee Pots
1 Coffee Mug
1 "Coffee Stream"

Misc - Electronics Pack
12 Consoles and Accessories (Consoles included are the Nin GameQoob, Nin Woo, and Nin Swotch)
2 Computers
1 Fax Machine
1 Printer
1 Phone
1 Tablet
6 Televisions (3 mounted, 3 for surfaces)

Misc - Trashcan Pack
4 Recycling Bins
5 Tall Trashcans
3 Small Trashcans

Miss going back to work in the office? I gotchu fam, now you can design your own office! One of the downloadable files includes the .obj + .mtl + .png files, and the other one has the .vox files. If there's something you'd like to be added to the pack, just let me know!

If you're looking for a different art style for the office space you're thinking of, try out my friend's 3D Low Poly Office Set! We made it roughly at the same time, but I was only able to upload and clean up the kinks awhile after he uploaded his.

Looking for other voxel assets to use? Check out my other works!

I'd love to see any works derived from this office pack! You can tag me on my twitter (@EggnCheesePls) or on my instagram (@alyanna.maramag)!

Thanks for reading!


  • Feel free to use the assets in any commercial or non-commercial project, however, please don't resell the asset pack.
  • Credit isn't necessary, but I appreciate it if you do.


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hey mate i loved your creation and i have something in my mind...that i want to discus with you.. if you have time then send me msg and i will pay you for that..